General Meeting Board Nominations

In compliance with the By-laws, we are sending out this last reminder of the Woodcrafters General Meeting on Thursday, November 2nd in the Keno Center in the Octillo Room at 3:00 P.M.  As stated previously, in addition to other items to be discussed at this meeting, there will be an election for Board Member Officers and Board Members.

Board Members running for office again are the following:

Michael Downes:  President

Jim Volenec:  Treasurer

John Thompson:  Secretary

Harry Pell:  Board Member

As previously mentioned in other emails, we have one open Board Member position, since Dave Schutt choose not to run again for his Board Member position.  Previous emails to the membership requested that any member who wishes to run for a Board Member position should contact Terry Moody, who is the Chairperson for the Nominations to the Board.  The only member to put his or her name up for nomination is the following:

Harold Alleman:  Running for Board Member position.

I hope you all can come to this very important meeting.  Hoping to see you there.

Harry L. Pell, Board Member

Toys For Tots 2017

As most of you know, I’m in charge of making and getting Woodcrafters members making “Toys For Tots” for the Marine Corps.  Like myself, some of you have also contributed to the “Children’s Network” of which Sam Densler is in charge.  I am writing this to solicit members’ help in making toys again this year for the “Toys For Tots” Program.  Last year members contributed over 90 various toys.  I hope this year we can do even more.

If you would like to contribute to this year’s effort, please send me an email and also let me know if you need specific types of wood.  I will purchase the wood (last year the Board provided $200.00 to purchase the various types of wood that we needed) and have it in the Shop ready for use.  When the toys are completed, I will box up the toys and have them stored for delivery to the Corps in November.  They really appreciated the toys that were provided last year and as you can imagine, they still needed more for the children in this area.  It may seem early to start for delivery in November, but trust me, we were down to the last days in our delivery last year.

Thank you for your past and future help.  It is appreciated.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Harry L. Pell, Board member

Green Valley News Article

Hundreds of toy cars, planes, puzzles, hobby horses and more, all handmade by Quail Creek Woodcrafters Club volunteers, will head north soon to young patients at Tucson Medical Center.

Eight members have been working for months cutting out and sanding the items, painting some and leaving others unfinished, to brighten a child’s day.

They’re working on behalf of Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit partner with TMC since 1984, which supports the center’s Child Life program to help provide a toy for all patients up to age 18. Painted toys are given to short-term patients; unfinished ones go to help keep longer-term patients and those in rehab busy with their own painting, club member Sam Densler said. Some patients stay only a day, others more than a month, Child Life supervisor Heather Roberts said.

All toys, donations and funds raised for the CMN Tucson partnership stay in Southern Arizona. They are used to purchase life-saving medical equipment and provide health services for TMC patients.

On Wednesday, there were 25 patients on TMC’s pediatric unit, although numbers can range to about 60, Roberts said. To help pay for its program needs, Child Life requests grants from the TMC Foundation, which receives network funds, to provide such services as diabetes education, project materials to to help keep patients occupied, and sometimes work to make a treatment room more child-friendly, she said. The department uses about $30,000 yearly for such expenses.

Overall network funding is much greater, as other departments also submit requests, she noted. CMN raises funds and awareness for 170 children’s hospitals nationally, and since 1983, has raised more than $5 billion. TMC has received more than $16.5 million.

“We have to find ways to keep kids comfortable, their stays more like home, less medical, Roberts said. “When we work with donors such as woodworking groups, we don’t have to pull our funds. It’s great to have community involvement.”

The Quail Creek club also makes and donates hundreds of items to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots program, which go to recipients in Arizona and beyond for distribution at holiday time.

By Kitty Bottemiller Oct 31, 2016