April 2019 QCWC BOD Minutes

·        Present were Dan Doyle, John Thompson, Jim Volenec, Jim Ratley and Harold Alleman.  Absent: Mike Downes

·        In the absence of President Mike Downes, VP Dan Doyle conducted the meeting.

·        John presented an email from Mike Downes sent today indicating that his full-time job plus the new business recently sent up was taking all of his time and he could no longer perform the duties of President but would be willing to stay on the BOD and serve in an advisory role.  Mike’s term of office ends this year and we will be electing a new President at our November meeting.  After considerable discussion, the BOD decided to not appoint a new president now but Dan Doyle as VP will perform the required duties of President consulting with Mike as required until the November election. 

·        It was pointed out that with Harry Pell’s January resignation from the BOD that we have an opening and need to appoint someone to fill his position until the end of his term.  The BOD will try to identify someone this month.

·        Jim Volenec announced that he is resigning his position as Treasurer effective the 15th of April but will stay on the BOD.  Jim Ratley agreed to assume the Treasurer’s role and will work with Jim Volenec to transition and do a collective audit of the books

·        Dan noted that we need to “de-clutter” the shop.  The old CNC router needs to be removed along with the unused computer, displays and video screens.

·        The shop is not intended to provide long term storage.  It is fine to leave a work piece overnight if you’re going to be working on it the next day but please do not use up table space unless it is a “glue-up” and then only until the glue is dried

·        It was recommended to add a “real” phone line in the shop with a recorder.  This was tabled until a later meeting.

·        We need a volunteer to buy and install casters on both of the scroll saws.  Anyone willing to do this, please mention it to a BOD member and proceeed.  You will be reimbursed for cost of wheels.

·        Because of the “long runs” on some of the CNC programs, the board decided to allow work in the shop by experienced monitors alone in after hour periods but in no case before 7AM or after 9PM which is when the Patrol locks down the building.  Shop tools may be used except for table saws and chop saw.  This will be a “trial period” and if it seems to work out ok, we’ll need to modify some bylaws and procedure documents in the future.

·        The board decided that a summer full membership quarterly meeting was not required so none is planned.  Next meeting will be the annual November meeting where we will elect board members/officers.  A nominating committee will be appointed prior to that meeting.

John Thompson

Secretary, QCWC

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